Do narcissists know they are narcissists?

No. We do not know we are narcissists. It isn’t until something goes very wrong do we think there is anything wrong with us. The fault is never ours. If it is, we’ll find a way to change that. It takes someone close to us that has studied a bit about it to let usContinue reading “Do narcissists know they are narcissists?”

Supposedly have NPD, but no one to talk to about it.

When I was diagnosed with NPD, I felt like I was kicked in the chest. All this time I thought people around me was the problem and I still feel that way….but I now have to look within….. Legal issues, infidelity, marriage problems and domestic abuse. These are some of the signs of someone withContinue reading “Supposedly have NPD, but no one to talk to about it.”

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